Tony And Alba’s Santa Cruz Pizza Reviews

I used to be in love with this Santa Cruz pizza place. Their comfy setting, and little arcade section is very family friendly. Though recently, the pizza i have gotten tastes weird. I like their thick crust, and zesty tastes, but the cheese doesn’t seem that amazing anymore.

My boyfriend got some white pasta, and i didn’t think it tasted good, while the sauce seemed somewhat watery.

Lisa Parker
Santa Cruz, CA

I have been a customer here for over a year now. I must say that I have never been disappointed. The food is always fresh and of good quality. Their Spinach and Pesto specials are to die for, and their Italian Chicken Salads are a healthy alternative to pizza/pasta. However, I wish that they used spring mix or baby green in their salads. Most of the salads are yellow iceburg lettuce. Everything else about it is great and when you get really green lettuce on your salad it is the best. Their garlic bread is also very yummy, the soups – not the best. But hey – if I wanted Clam Chowder, I’d go down to the Wharf, not to a family run Italian eatery.

The prices are decent at least at the Capitola Restaurant location, especially considering the quality. Good, filling, and cheap lunch special. Also good dinner specials.

As far as pasta goes, I would recommend the creamy pesto chicken. It has black olives and artichokes mixed in with a pesto-alfredo blend. Yum.

I am always greeted by smiling and bubbly workers, who always remember me. The delivery drivers are just as personable and prompt.

The facilities are clean, although lacking in ambiance.

Woodstock’s may be the hot new thing in town, but I chalk it down to beginners luck. Trendiness does not equal quality. I will continue to take my pizza business to Tony & Alba’s.

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Green Valley Grill Restaurant Watsonville

Major props to the Green Valley Grill – the best in the county! I am a foodie and go to lots of restaurants. It is the only place in town with white linens and a great bar. The service is nothing to brag about, needs improvement, but it doesn’t stop me from coming back time and time again.

The cocktails are excellent and the wine list is decent. The steaks are well prepared. The potaoes au gratin are the best i have ever had and the salads are great. Creme brulee is off the hook! My favorite pasta dish is the pasta jimmy. Have never had a bad dish here in 10 years.

In my opinion it’s one of the best Watsonville Restaurants.

Very family friendly place. Children’s plates are just as good. My girls love to get dressed up and go here for dinner. A nice treat for a birthday, business meeting, or just for working hard. My hubbie and i love this place – no need to drive north to Capitola or Santa Cruz for overpriced food.

Affordable and excellent food! And, yes, “it’s ALL the way in Watsonville.” Thank goodness – we like it this way. One of the best in Santa Cruz County !

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The Shadowbrook Restaurant In Capitola

The Shadowbrook Capitola Restaurant is not known for good food to say the least. Their food is average at best, and it’s sad to say you can get the same type of food for a quarter of the price. But the ambiance is pretty cool, so I guess that’s what you pay for. Most people that I speak to say the same thing – that they are genuinely dissatisfied and almost feel robbed when leaving the Shadowbrook Capitola. So if you are going to eat there, don’t say nobody warned you.

You can find all kinds of fake reviews of the Shadowbrook Capitola all over yelp and other sites on the internet. Don’t believe them, they are done by employees. Or go to this restaurant yourself – and see for your own eyes…taste buds…and wallets…or lack of after you eat at this ripoff!

love my hometown of San Diego, don’t get me wrong. But every once in a while I like to venture up north to one of my favorite towns in the world, Santa Cruz California. I just recently went there and spent some time in Capitola, a quaint little beach town known for great beaches, decent food and really fun bars/nightlife. I have heard a lot about this restaurant called Shadowbrook Capitola, so I decided  to give it a try. This hub is about the Shadowbrook Capitola restaurant and my reviews of this Capitola Restaurants.


Best Part!

Trolley Ride @ the Shadowbrook Capitola Restaurant
Trolley Ride @ the Shadowbrook Capitola Restaurant

About The Shadowbrook Capitola

The Shadowbrook Capitola is located at 1750 Wharf Road in Capitola, CA 95010. When you enter the Shadowbrook Capitola restaurant, at first you stroll through a winding path through lavish gardens or take a hillside trolley elevator to reach this unique craftsman-style restaurant overlooking Soquel Creek. I feel that this entrance into the Shadowbrook Capitola is the coolest part about the restaurant, or any Capitola restaurants at all. The ambiance going into this restaurant is just amazing and is a must see for anybody visiting Capitola. The Shadowbrook Capitola restaurant has an American menu, a bar menu and a children menu. They are open for dinner hours only. Hours for the Shadowbrook Capitola go as follows:

Shadowbrook Capitola DINNER HOURS:
Monday-Friday — 5:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
Saturday — 4:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.
Sunday — 4:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

What I Thought About The Food

To be completely honest I felt the ambiance of the Shadowbrook Capitola and the trolley ride down to the restaurant were better than the food itself. I’m a little old-school, and by that I mean that I’d rather do the cooking myself on my bbq grill. Nobody tops MY bbq cooking. The food at Shadowbrook Capitola is a little above average, and a little bit on the pricey side – at the Shadowbrook Capitola you are mostly paying for the experience which was fine by me. But overall it was a great experience for Santa Cruz Restaurants that I would recommend to any of my friends or relatives.

On The Shadowbrook Capitola Restaurants Specials Menu


Char-grilled one pound prime New York steak topped with grilled spring onions and crispy peppered bacon and served with cave-aged gruyere potato gratin.


Slow-roasted Kurobuta pork rack, herb spaetzle, creamed Bloomsdale spinach, Yorkshire pudding, pork jus and apple compote. 10 oz. cut
GRILLED TOFU SOBA $20.95 (Vegan)

Marinated grilled tofu on a bed of Buckwheat pasta tossed with stir-fried Gai Lan, pea tendrils, Shimeji mushrooms, scallions, mild chilies, young ginger, garlic, cilantro and bean sprouts.

The Shadowbrook Capitola is a Great Place for Special Events
The Shadowbrook Capitola is a Great Place for Special Events

Shadowbrook Capitola Entertainment & Special Events

Shadowbrook Capitola has four private dining rooms that are great for evening special events, receptions, and weddings for groups of 10 to 100. There is also live music in the bar Tuesday, Friday and Saturday nights. I’ll admit that I wasn’t into the live music, as it was better suited for older folk.

Shadowbrook Capitola Restaurants Contact Information

Up to 28 days (4 weeks) in advance for dinner. For reservations call (800) 975-1511 or (831) 475-1511

Capitola and Wharf Roads, (P.O. Box 65) Capitola-by-the-Sea, CA 95010.

Complimentary private lots.


Reservations & General Info:
Toll-free (800) 975-1511 or (831) 475-1511

Banquets & Weddings:
Toll-free (888) 475-1222 or (831) 475-1222

(831) 475-1222 (Office)
(831) 475-7664 (Fax)

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Pizza My Heart Reviews – Pizza In Capitola

Love it. The pizza was bomb and the employees were hella nice.

Definite must eat when you’re in this gorgeous town.

Astro David A.

Rocklin, CA

Good thin crust pizza with tons of topping choices, but don’t order delivery though.  I’ve tried twice, both times the pizza arrived stone cold and soggy.  Had to pop it in the oven to make it edible.

Gail L.

Capitola, CA

As Santa Cruz was not presenting good conditions to surf, i took my day to explore Capitola Village. The place was nice, but too calm. Pizza my Heart save the day with a Super Veggie. I uploaded one photo that speaks for it self.

You will have to eat in the beach, because they dont have tables to serve you. Not a big deal. And they’re not that concerned about hygiene. The same guy who grabs your money serves your pizza. But it looks like a standard in US cheap places.

Anyway… very good place. Once buying the pizza You can add US$ 2,00 and get a t-shirt. NIce deal.


San Francisco, CA

I’m not really sure what the hype is with this place. The pizza ia mediocre and the crowd that works the place and hangs around is about as lost as they come. What’s with the attitude in these places, you’re just serving pizza, as lease put a smile on and hang up the phone while you’re serving me.

If you’re in Capitola, most of the other restaurants are pretty crappy , though there’s plenty of restaurants they’re all pretty poor. So if you’re looking for a quick bite to eat maybe stop in here.

Scott D.

Santa Cruz, CA

The pizza grease drips down the slice and onto the thin paper plates at PMH. Its a really good spot to grab a quick slice of to order take-out. I think the place is popular because there isn’t many other options for snacks in the village. As far as pizza goes, its decent for a snack.  The big sur has whole cloves of garlic, and the pesto is deliciously greasy.

I would give it the joint a higher rating if it were cleaner. Most of the time, the floors are hideously dirty and so are the counters. But since its a walk-up at the beach without any seating…its easy for a quick snack.

Bay B.

Capitola, CA

This place is awesome!
i just recently was down there for a wedding & me & my cousins were lookin for a cheap place to get a snack we came across Pizza My Heart & for a deal that good it was hard to pass up! I got for 5 bucks a HUGE slice of pepperoni pizza & a soviner tee-shirt. Aside from the apparent lack of clenliness in the bathroom (uugghh) this place is a great stop for a on the beach snack i give it a 4 outta a possible 5

Eric S.

Elk Grove, CA

Each time I go to Capitola or Santa Cruz I gotta hit up Pizza My Heart.  Throw down a couple of hard earned greenbacks and chow down on some good grub.  If you don’t like the seating then just stroll up to the beach, that’s what it’s there for!  What a great idea too:  build up your advertising by having people pay for the shirt, if they like the food they’ll pay for your advertising too.  Don’t be snobby, go grab a slice and bum around on the beach, who knows, you might slip your shoes off and enjoy yourself a little bit.

Jeff H.

Santa Rosa, CA

I don’t know why this place has such a great rep.  I hate their pizza.  It’s flat, floppy and greasy.  I think a bunch of drunk people go here late at night and that’s why they think it tastes so good.

Ben S.

Watsonville, CA

Everybody loves this place. It is pretty great to grab the a slice of pizza and take a seat on the benches along the walkway and just watch the water. Or people watch. The location is the best asset this place has.

Dave K.

Rosenberg, TX

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Taqueria Agave Restaurant Reviews

I write this review for myself and all of my friends who don’t have the internet as well as everyone else i see who knows about about taqueria agave:

Taqueria Agave is easily the best taqueria in Capitola, as well as being the friendliest quickest simplest and easiest and fastest and best food you can get in the village or nearby.

Think Vallarta but smaller and better basically.  You walk in there, they’re always super friendly, you go there twice and they’ll remember you, you always get GREAT food, its the same exact menu as vallarta which has been around for years, but the quality and the attitude and the atmosphere and the free chips are just a few notches above!!

Highly recommended, you can’t pass up this great spot to grab a quick delicious taqueria style meal!!  It’s right across from the capitola police station basically, by the new stop sign there, you cant hardly miss it!!

I’m going there now in fact, i just needed to get on the internet to grab their phone number, and i saw these reviews, so i thought i’d add my two cents in while i’m at it!!!

lon a.

Capitola, CA

I had a veggie burrito and it was HUGE and loaded with all sorts of veggie delights.  Service was very quick.  I have a small complaint, it could have been hotter but I understand all the salad and sour cream and cheese etc is cold so that would cool it down faster.  I like my food scalding hot, but that’s just me.  I would definitely go back again.

Dido H.

Santa Cruz, CA

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The Cook House Restaurant (Diner) Reviews

The Cook House is by FAR the best diner in Capitola, or Santa Cruz for that matter. Carol (the owner) is the best, and gives the best service around. Definitely worth a try if you want breakfast.

Joey W.
Soquel, CA

My brother and i use to go to this place because the food was good but every time we went we had the worst customer service by the ladys that work there. they did not follow up with us to make sure the food was good or if we needed anything else, the soda did not have any gas. id rather pay extra and go into I HOP were i know the food is going to be good and the customer service is always great.

Jorge R.

Santa Cruz, CA

Open for berakfast and lunch, the Cook House is the small-town cafe in the middle of Santa Cruz county. Omletes, biscuits and gravy, and bacon…. oh, the bacon. They also have more exotic specials. Open 7am until 2pm. Grab your paper and expect a 10 minute wait on the weekends.

Richard H.
Capitola, CA

As I look back, I have been giving a lot of 4 and 5 star reviews, probably because my personality is generally positive and sunny with regards to meals, clubs, restaurants, cafes … and other things like museums, concerts, hikes, movies and parks. It’s pretty hard to make me unhappy or wish I did something different or made another choice from the one that I did.

But this time I made a bad choice, had a bad meal with bad food and felt bad that I took a new road instead of going to a place to eat that I knew would be good and would make me happy.

It was a beautiful warm Sunday afternoon in San Jose – the temperature was 67 – and as a result I was lead like a magnet to my favorite quick day-trip; Santa Cruz for a sunny, bright beach outing. Gotta’ get out and away from the house, go over the hill, get my face and body as warm as possible as quickly as possible, and be able to hear the swoosh of the surf. Carmel was too far so we decided to go half way to the little town of Capitola.

Every time I have ever been to Capitola, I pass by the wonderful, awesome, fantastic Gayle’s bakery/sandwich shop off of Bay Avenue. Gayle’s simply can’t be beat; unfortunately, I tried and failed to do just that. Should have listened to my inner voice, instead I over-rode that and went to a backwater breakfast hole-in-the-wall called the Cook House. In three simple words, “I wasn’t happy.”

Why? Well the place was dirty; carpets really needed cleaning, tables chipped and worn, booths taped up and wobbly, kitchen small and greasy. My first impression should have told me to quietly back out slowly with a smile and return to the sure thing; Gayle’s. I ignored that and sat down.

The nice, friendly waitress gave us menus; I ordered my usual decaf coffee and perused the offerings. Luscious strawberry waffles with powdered sugar, banana pancakes, gravy and biscuits, extra thick French toast. Everything I love, love, love … However, I am still on a non-carb diet (so far lost 8 1/2 pounds since Dec 30 which is great, I’m happy with the progress) so I could not get what I really, really wanted. I had to get an omelet … a cheese with Italian sausage and broccoli with a side of potatoes and wheat toast (couldn’t eat the taters or toast though). It sounded pretty good but it wasn’t as I like my omelets kind of underdone but this one was not; instead it was extra firm and hard almost like a hockey puck. And even if I could have eaten my hash browns I wouldn’t have because they were loaded in grease, it was pooling in little droplets on my plate like clear, yellow mercury rivulets. ICK! After picking at it for awhile I came to the conclusion that my nephew who eats anything and everything just like I used to do would gobble this down no problem so I just boxed it up, got the check and headed for the car.

You know I feel really bad about being so negative about a place where the staff were nice but it was what it was, I can’t lie. I may go back one more time off diet and get a syrupy, sugary, sloshy chunk of soft, gooey French toast topped with blackberry jelly and maple syrup, then coma out behind the wheel. It may just have been a bad day for them all here but you can’t get away from the fact that this restaurant needs a complete interior remodel to at least give their customers the appearance of cleanliness and peace-of-mind.

terry h.
San Jose, CA

I have been coming here for 8 years. The hashbrowns are fantastic, always crispy, the omelets are full of flavor and the french toast is a sweet treat.

I can always count on this place for a consistent, and yes artery clogging breakfast.

Erica M.
Aptos, CA

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Takara Restaurant Reviews | Sushi Restaurants Capitola

Waitress only came around 3 times once to take our orders, once to bring us food,

Takara Sushi Restaurant Capitola

Takara Sushi Restaurant Capitola

and once to give us the check. I had to go find a pitcher of water for our table. She brought me the wrong roll which didn’t matter much because they all pretty much taste the same, very bland. It does look nice but other than that I wouldnt go back.

David R.

Ben Lomond, CA

Went here with family last night.  Great food and wonderful atmosphere.  Moderately priced for Sushi.  They have a live band on Friday nights.  Food comes fast and is always fresh.  Waitresses are very friendly and enjoy coming to this establishment.  Try the spicy tuna roll- excellent.

Bill S.

Santa Cruz, CA

I love Takara – it is my go-to special celebration restaurant!

The edamame are the best I’ve had anywhere.

For vegetarian sushi-lovers, this is the place to go.  Vegetarians are often limited to avocado or cucumber rolls, but Takara has a ton of choices.  Mac-broc (macadamia, avocado and broccoli) and lemon light (carrot, cuke, mushroom and lemon) are my faves.  The inari is also excellent – huge and with veggies mixed into the rice.  Yummy!

Tanya R.

Cupertino, CA

okay so i signed up for yelp just to say that Takara is horrible, do not eat there. 10 years ago it was good, now, awful. Especially the sashimi which is not sashimi grade and horribly cut. I complained but was offered no reconciliation. It was a sad waste of $40 in these hard times when sushi lunches are few and far between (normally we spend more but decided to leave still hungry…).  We’ve given them a chance every so often over the last few years but it just gets worse and worse. I think the only reason they’re in business is the location at the mall. The waitress was pleasant but so what, we came for sushi not bait and a smile.

shawn d.

Santa Cruz, CA

I’m a huge sushi fan, and while Takara doesn’t have the best sushi in the world, it is very good.  Probably the main reason I go to Takara over some of the other sushi places in the area is that I really like their atmosphere (and they have the best salad dressing that I’ve found at any local sushi place).  You never feel crowded even when their busy because most of their tables are pretty private booths, and the decorations and lighting really make the place something special. Their service has always been good when I’ve been there, and there prices are pretty good.

Ruby B.

Capitola, CA

Don’t waste your time on over priced, micro-managed, I will only hire college students that aren’t friends or family, with fake over the top customer service.  Get ready to unload the wallet, feel sorry for the staff, and wonder where all the extra overhead is going hmm not to you or the staff.  Soooo many other better choices.  Screw your own people and focus on take out.  No wonder they don’t have any “grown ups” working there.  The front lady  scares all her employees that don’t know any better.

mrs f.

Santa Cruz, CA

overpriced. their sushi is not quality. charlie special roll was bland and dry. i love the atmosphere, though. but i recommend sushi garden – the food is much better.

judy w.

Soquel, CA

Quite simply—the very yummiest sushi ever! Tropi Maki—so, so good-and the service is great!  Top it off with a tiny cold saki, and you have near perfection…I love Takara!

Cassandra M.

San Jose, CA

Ive been here a couple of times and both times I was disappointed. I went a few nights ago with some friends and it took about 30 minutes to actually get our food. Then when I got my food the quality is not the best Ive tasted compared to other sushi bars. The crab totally sucks too, its very fishy tasting and too chewy. I ordered one roll that i liked but that was one roll out of like five other ones. I don’t recommend coming here. Plus its way overpriced.

Daniella V.

Watsonville, CA

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