Tony And Alba’s Santa Cruz Pizza Reviews

I used to be in love with this Santa Cruz pizza place. Their comfy setting, and little arcade section is very family friendly. Though recently, the pizza i have gotten tastes weird. I like their thick crust, and zesty tastes, but the cheese doesn’t seem that amazing anymore.

My boyfriend got some white pasta, and i didn’t think it tasted good, while the sauce seemed somewhat watery.

Lisa Parker
Santa Cruz, CA

I have been a customer here for over a year now. I must say that I have never been disappointed. The food is always fresh and of good quality. Their Spinach and Pesto specials are to die for, and their Italian Chicken Salads are a healthy alternative to pizza/pasta. However, I wish that they used spring mix or baby green in their salads. Most of the salads are yellow iceburg lettuce. Everything else about it is great and when you get really green lettuce on your salad it is the best. Their garlic bread is also very yummy, the soups – not the best. But hey – if I wanted Clam Chowder, I’d go down to the Wharf, not to a family run Italian eatery.

The prices are decent at least at the Capitola Restaurant location, especially considering the quality. Good, filling, and cheap lunch special. Also good dinner specials.

As far as pasta goes, I would recommend the creamy pesto chicken. It has black olives and artichokes mixed in with a pesto-alfredo blend. Yum.

I am always greeted by smiling and bubbly workers, who always remember me. The delivery drivers are just as personable and prompt.

The facilities are clean, although lacking in ambiance.

Woodstock’s may be the hot new thing in town, but I chalk it down to beginners luck. Trendiness does not equal quality. I will continue to take my pizza business to Tony & Alba’s.

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