Green Valley Grill Restaurant Watsonville

Major props to the Green Valley Grill – the best in the county! I am a foodie and go to lots of restaurants. It is the only place in town with white linens and a great bar. The service is nothing to brag about, needs improvement, but it doesn’t stop me from coming back time and time again.

The cocktails are excellent and the wine list is decent. The steaks are well prepared. The potaoes au gratin are the best i have ever had and the salads are great. Creme brulee is off the hook! My favorite pasta dish is the pasta jimmy. Have never had a bad dish here in 10 years.

In my opinion it’s one of the best Watsonville Restaurants.

Very family friendly place. Children’s plates are just as good. My girls love to get dressed up and go here for dinner. A nice treat for a birthday, business meeting, or just for working hard. My hubbie and i love this place – no need to drive north to Capitola or Santa Cruz for overpriced food.

Affordable and excellent food! And, yes, “it’s ALL the way in Watsonville.” Thank goodness – we like it this way. One of the best in Santa Cruz County !

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