Taqueria Agave Restaurant Reviews

I write this review for myself and all of my friends who don’t have the internet as well as everyone else i see who knows about about taqueria agave:

Taqueria Agave is easily the best taqueria in Capitola, as well as being the friendliest quickest simplest and easiest and fastest and best food you can get in the village or nearby.

Think Vallarta but smaller and better basically.  You walk in there, they’re always super friendly, you go there twice and they’ll remember you, you always get GREAT food, its the same exact menu as vallarta which has been around for years, but the quality and the attitude and the atmosphere and the free chips are just a few notches above!!

Highly recommended, you can’t pass up this great spot to grab a quick delicious taqueria style meal!!  It’s right across from the capitola police station basically, by the new stop sign there, you cant hardly miss it!!

I’m going there now in fact, i just needed to get on the internet to grab their phone number, and i saw these reviews, so i thought i’d add my two cents in while i’m at it!!!

lon a.

Capitola, CA

I had a veggie burrito and it was HUGE and loaded with all sorts of veggie delights.  Service was very quick.  I have a small complaint, it could have been hotter but I understand all the salad and sour cream and cheese etc is cold so that would cool it down faster.  I like my food scalding hot, but that’s just me.  I would definitely go back again.

Dido H.

Santa Cruz, CA

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