Pizza My Heart Reviews – Pizza In Capitola

Love it. The pizza was bomb and the employees were hella nice.

Definite must eat when you’re in this gorgeous town.

Astro David A.

Rocklin, CA

Good thin crust pizza with tons of topping choices, but don’t order delivery though.  I’ve tried twice, both times the pizza arrived stone cold and soggy.  Had to pop it in the oven to make it edible.

Gail L.

Capitola, CA

As Santa Cruz was not presenting good conditions to surf, i took my day to explore Capitola Village. The place was nice, but too calm. Pizza my Heart save the day with a Super Veggie. I uploaded one photo that speaks for it self.

You will have to eat in the beach, because they dont have tables to serve you. Not a big deal. And they’re not that concerned about hygiene. The same guy who grabs your money serves your pizza. But it looks like a standard in US cheap places.

Anyway… very good place. Once buying the pizza You can add US$ 2,00 and get a t-shirt. NIce deal.


San Francisco, CA

I’m not really sure what the hype is with this place. The pizza ia mediocre and the crowd that works the place and hangs around is about as lost as they come. What’s with the attitude in these places, you’re just serving pizza, as lease put a smile on and hang up the phone while you’re serving me.

If you’re in Capitola, most of the other restaurants are pretty crappy , though there’s plenty of restaurants they’re all pretty poor. So if you’re looking for a quick bite to eat maybe stop in here.

Scott D.

Santa Cruz, CA

The pizza grease drips down the slice and onto the thin paper plates at PMH. Its a really good spot to grab a quick slice of to order take-out. I think the place is popular because there isn’t many other options for snacks in the village. As far as pizza goes, its decent for a snack.  The big sur has whole cloves of garlic, and the pesto is deliciously greasy.

I would give it the joint a higher rating if it were cleaner. Most of the time, the floors are hideously dirty and so are the counters. But since its a walk-up at the beach without any seating…its easy for a quick snack.

Bay B.

Capitola, CA

This place is awesome!
i just recently was down there for a wedding & me & my cousins were lookin for a cheap place to get a snack we came across Pizza My Heart & for a deal that good it was hard to pass up! I got for 5 bucks a HUGE slice of pepperoni pizza & a soviner tee-shirt. Aside from the apparent lack of clenliness in the bathroom (uugghh) this place is a great stop for a on the beach snack i give it a 4 outta a possible 5

Eric S.

Elk Grove, CA

Each time I go to Capitola or Santa Cruz I gotta hit up Pizza My Heart.  Throw down a couple of hard earned greenbacks and chow down on some good grub.  If you don’t like the seating then just stroll up to the beach, that’s what it’s there for!  What a great idea too:  build up your advertising by having people pay for the shirt, if they like the food they’ll pay for your advertising too.  Don’t be snobby, go grab a slice and bum around on the beach, who knows, you might slip your shoes off and enjoy yourself a little bit.

Jeff H.

Santa Rosa, CA

I don’t know why this place has such a great rep.  I hate their pizza.  It’s flat, floppy and greasy.  I think a bunch of drunk people go here late at night and that’s why they think it tastes so good.

Ben S.

Watsonville, CA

Everybody loves this place. It is pretty great to grab the a slice of pizza and take a seat on the benches along the walkway and just watch the water. Or people watch. The location is the best asset this place has.

Dave K.

Rosenberg, TX

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