Shadowbrook Capitola Restaurant Reviews

The Shadowbrook Capitola Restaurant is not known for good food to say the least. Their food is average at best, and it’s sad to say you can get the same type of food for a quarter of the price. But the ambiance is pretty cool, so I guess that’s what you pay for. Most people that I speak to say the same thing – that they are genuinely dissatisfied and almost feel robbed when leaving the Shadowbrook Capitola. So if you are going to eat there, don’t say nobody warned you.

You can find all kinds of fake reviews of the Shadowbrook Capitola all over yelp and other sites on the internet. Don’t believe them, they are done by employees. Or go to this restaurant yourself – and see for your own eyes…taste buds…and wallets…or lack of after you eat at this ripoff!

We go here every few months always enjoy it. we have been here most often for

Shadowbrook Capitola Restaurant

Shadowbrook Capitola Restaurant

meetings, and they have a great room in the back for small groups. service has always been top-notch and the setting over the valley is quite nice. don’t be a fatty, take the stairs and enjoy the cool night air amid the gardens.

beegee e.

Santa Cruz, CA

The ONLY thing good about this restaurant is the cable car.  In the past I have been to this restaurant several times and never had a problem until now.  First of all I called to see if they had anything special planned for Easter Sunday as it fell on my Birthday this year. The girl who answered the phone had no idea and further more didn’t have the brains to find out. I made the reservations 3 weeks in advance and asked to be put in the window which did not happen.  They preferred to give it to a family dressed in sweats and jeans WTF!!!  When I told the dimwit it was my Birthday she replied “Would you like a sundae…its complimentary”. I said that would be nice.  When we walked in not one of the hostesses even looked up to greet us.  Our waiter disappeared and we ended up getting better service from the bus boy.  Shadowbrook restaurants in Capitola advertises that they do something special for you Birthday or Anniversary, well if you call throwing vanilla ice cream approx. 3/4 of a scoop with a hep of whipped cream and a bar cherry something special, it was a joke!!!!!  Don’t bother filing out a guest comment card, my sister did and NEVER  heard a thing from them.  I used to love this restaurant, however with their lack of trained staff and their disinterest in responding I will never return, and will definately stop reccommending it to my friends  Management open your eyes!!!!!!

Pamela R.

San Mateo, CA

Have been there several times and the food and service is just fabulous!  They have a great filet mignon.  I don’t think there is anything on the menu you could order that wouldn’t be good.  You can wear casual attire and they still treat you like royalty.

Alice C.

Tracy, CA

Until recently, I hadn’t been to this place in years.  I took my boyfriend and we ate in the Garden Room.  We had the panko crab appetizer that is to die for, a bottle of wine, the most interesting ahi (garnished with mint and cilantro), two amazing deserts a creme filled crepe and the mud pie and of course some after dinner coffee.  The service was so amazing I told the manager that our server was top notch.

If you go to Capitola Restaurants, you have to go here for the food, ambiance, service and the naturally beautiful surroundings!

Angela L.

Palo Alto, CA

I had an amazing dinner with my husband at the Shadowbrook. It was so romantic and the food was SPECTACULAR!!!!!! You must try this restaurant out I promise it will be a WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE!!!!

bernadette p.

Union City, CA

The atmosphere is wonderful! Beautiful setting to be in night or during the day. The only reason why it was OK is because I expected better service form such a nice restaurant… My father asked the waiter what kind of wine he would recommend and instead of just recommending one he want into 20 questions without really giving any options. My father doesn’t care, he just wanted a suggestion and would order it. Other than our strange waiter everything was wonderful. I would visit again.

kelsey m.

Capitola, CA

I love the Shadowbrook!  I go as often as I can, and it NEVER disapoints. We’ve been  going there for years, we look forward to our Thursdays there because we’re sure to get the  best service, food, and ambiance in Santa Cruz. They remember where we like to sit, and what wines we like with what foods, and generally  treat us like royalty.  I’ve become fond of several of the servers because of the invarialble professional and warm attitude which guides us through the meals without a hitch every time. The food is always excellent, espically the fish. And the atmosphere!  So cozy and sweet, very pretty and not noisy or crowded at all.  The music in the beautiful bar is a treat as is the cocktail menu and the feeling of luxury throughout. If I could bottle the place and maybe even take Matt the server home, I would! Ha, ha, just kidding… about Matt, that is!

sandra d.

Santa Cruz, CA

I love this restaurant!

My husband and I have been coming here for our wedding anniversary on and off for the past 20+ years. We live 4 hours away but try to plan our anniversary vacations within an hour of Capitola so we can get our Shadowbrook dinner. It is the most romantic and beautiful place.We love riding the trolley down and hiking back up after dinner.

Last time we were there, we had a server named Johnnie who went way out of his way to make our dinner special. The food and drinks were wonderful the service was excellent, it was truly a happy 28th anniversary!

We have never eaten here with our 4 children (that wouldn’t be very romantic) but now that two of our children have grown and married, they love taking their spouses to Shadowbrook for their own romantic dates.

We recommend for your best experience, go early and request a window table that over looks the creek.

Rebecca N.

Colfax, CA

This place is magical. Came here with my wife for our anniversary and she was impressed. The location is a bit tricky to find but worth the trip. The scenario is beautiful with a huge floral garden where you can walk down to the restaurant and enjoy the view. If don’t want to walk, you can take their cart like elevator where it descends you down to the restaurant by cable wires. Neat. My wife and I decided to use the cable ride for experience and then after dinner we walked up to the parking lot to enjoy the view and walk off our dinner. The restaurant is huge with many different locations to eat, whether the green house environment, warm cozy fireplace, or bar location…it is a high-end restaurant that will be great for all occasion with all family or friends. Must try their shrimp prawn salad! Great wine collection!

bill s.

Sunnyvale, CA

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