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Waitress only came around 3 times once to take our orders, once to bring us food,

Takara Sushi Restaurant Capitola

Takara Sushi Restaurant Capitola

and once to give us the check. I had to go find a pitcher of water for our table. She brought me the wrong roll which didn’t matter much because they all pretty much taste the same, very bland. It does look nice but other than that I wouldnt go back.

David R.

Ben Lomond, CA

Went here with family last night.  Great food and wonderful atmosphere.  Moderately priced for Sushi.  They have a live band on Friday nights.  Food comes fast and is always fresh.  Waitresses are very friendly and enjoy coming to this establishment.  Try the spicy tuna roll- excellent.

Bill S.

Santa Cruz, CA

I love Takara – it is my go-to special celebration restaurant!

The edamame are the best I’ve had anywhere.

For vegetarian sushi-lovers, this is the place to go.  Vegetarians are often limited to avocado or cucumber rolls, but Takara has a ton of choices.  Mac-broc (macadamia, avocado and broccoli) and lemon light (carrot, cuke, mushroom and lemon) are my faves.  The inari is also excellent – huge and with veggies mixed into the rice.  Yummy!

Tanya R.

Cupertino, CA

okay so i signed up for yelp just to say that Takara is horrible, do not eat there. 10 years ago it was good, now, awful. Especially the sashimi which is not sashimi grade and horribly cut. I complained but was offered no reconciliation. It was a sad waste of $40 in these hard times when sushi lunches are few and far between (normally we spend more but decided to leave still hungry…).  We’ve given them a chance every so often over the last few years but it just gets worse and worse. I think the only reason they’re in business is the location at the mall. The waitress was pleasant but so what, we came for sushi not bait and a smile.

shawn d.

Santa Cruz, CA

I’m a huge sushi fan, and while Takara doesn’t have the best sushi in the world, it is very good.  Probably the main reason I go to Takara over some of the other sushi places in the area is that I really like their atmosphere (and they have the best salad dressing that I’ve found at any local sushi place).  You never feel crowded even when their busy because most of their tables are pretty private booths, and the decorations and lighting really make the place something special. Their service has always been good when I’ve been there, and there prices are pretty good.

Ruby B.

Capitola, CA

Don’t waste your time on over priced, micro-managed, I will only hire college students that aren’t friends or family, with fake over the top customer service.  Get ready to unload the wallet, feel sorry for the staff, and wonder where all the extra overhead is going hmm not to you or the staff.  Soooo many other better choices.  Screw your own people and focus on take out.  No wonder they don’t have any “grown ups” working there.  The front lady  scares all her employees that don’t know any better.

mrs f.

Santa Cruz, CA

overpriced. their sushi is not quality. charlie special roll was bland and dry. i love the atmosphere, though. but i recommend sushi garden – the food is much better.

judy w.

Soquel, CA

Quite simply—the very yummiest sushi ever! Tropi Maki—so, so good-and the service is great!  Top it off with a tiny cold saki, and you have near perfection…I love Takara!

Cassandra M.

San Jose, CA

Ive been here a couple of times and both times I was disappointed. I went a few nights ago with some friends and it took about 30 minutes to actually get our food. Then when I got my food the quality is not the best Ive tasted compared to other sushi bars. The crab totally sucks too, its very fishy tasting and too chewy. I ordered one roll that i liked but that was one roll out of like five other ones. I don’t recommend coming here. Plus its way overpriced.

Daniella V.

Watsonville, CA

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